67 yard pass play.


itchy bum

I just got over a sinus infection from seasonal allergies. I slept a lot. I used a lot of kleenex. People gave me bottles of hand sanitizer. Swine flu, jeesh.

So I take my dog Dixie to the vet because she has been clawing at her tummy and her tail. Guess what? She has seasonal allergies too...so the vet gives her some allergy meds. Allergy meds usually make you sleepy so I was looking forward to a very calm puppy. I cleverly disguised the pill in a big ball of cheese, I was hoping it would knock her out, but she is one of those opposite reaction types...it makes her turn into crack head dog.

I didn't know dogs could be 17 places at once. Like mother like daughter? So much for relaxing and enjoying the beginning of fall.


airing my dirty laundry

So our washing machine is broken, it's taken them a few days to get out to fix it. Our laundry is about 5 feet tall and asking for seconds a dinner. The first available day they can get there to service it is Saturday the 5th from 8-5. I had to tell them that Saturday wouldn't work because it was the first day of REAL SEC football. Isn't that sad?


that's no six pack baby

Brad is bringing the keg-o-rator back from being on loan from to a friend. Frat-tastic. Probably not going to do much for my diet.


What is it with employers today?  They want transcripts for my college education?  That was 10 years ago and I deny all alleged activities even with photographic evidence.  I wish UF would just give a pass/fail option; on letterhead of course.  Did so and so graduate from our University?  YES.  Who cares if it was only by the skin of her teeth!  I was a Journalism major.  Honestly, that shouldn't even count as a degree.  Besides...I was TRAINED in a COMPLETELY different career by a COMPANY that pays ME.  So should I really be penalized for getting a C in Poetry?  That stuff was terrible anyway, and the teacher never did GET my writing. 
Hello?  Future employer?  Do you really look at GPA's?  Err..uh-oh.   



So being the kind hearted people that we are, we allowed a co-worker to stay with us for a few weeks while she was working in Huntsville. We have two spare rooms, why not? All went well she'd a very fun, nice girl. I wouldn't say that she was the cleanest person but she kept that to the confinds of her own room. The one thing I noticed when she was gone...every spoon in the entire house is gone. Disappeared.

Theory: She ate breakfast on the way to work and never returned the spoons? Maybe she threw them out when cleaning out the trash from her rental car.

Alas we are a home with no spoons. You never know how important that tool is until you need one and don't have one. I could have ate my cheerios with my hand...or the soup ladel. I never said anything to her, and she never said anything to me. Life is weird man.


gone but not forgotten

I was gone, but I have not forgotten that there are droves, ok I mean about three, of my friends and family out there who care and have no idea what is going on in my world. I have grown my family, three doggies and a wonderful boyfriend. He's an Alabama Alum, but we are making it work.

My house is showing signs of the fact I do not know about yearly maintenance, but I'm correcting that. Or well I've hired someone to correct that. Brad has many talents, being handy is not one.

My foot is showing the signs of needing more maintenance so I will have some bones fused in August. Yay! More surgery, you know I do it for the attention. Really Brad promised to keep the house, yard, and dogs clean. Sounds like the good life to me! I will rule my kingdom from the couch. It's the whole 10 weeks non weight bearing...wheel chair, crutches, no driving thing that bothers me. Luckily I have great friends locally that have volunteered to help. Ok, so maybe I shamed them into helping because they are good people and wouldn't say no to a crip, either way it's all under control.

Other than working to save the world from evil doers, I spend my time in the garden and trying to find the funny in the mundane that life can sometimes be. I miss you all and realize what a horrible friend I am at keeping in touch. Not sure why you still care, but lucky for me you do! XOXO